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Our services

Spare parts and consumables

We are available to propose :

  • All the spare parts for our Codere installation.
  • Different spare parts for other installation manufacturers, such as heating elements, thermocouples, oxygen probes, heating chamber, etc.
  • Loading material, grids, columns, baskets.
  • Measurement equipment.

Control system and supervision for all different types of furnaces

Our control system permits to control and supervise all different types of furnaces for regulation and atmosphere control. The direct intervention by modem, ADSL, teamviewer etc. are a matter of course for our IT specialists.


Furnaces cartography

We are equipped with certified devices and have experience with undertaking cartography measurements for your installation with giving detailed reports of the results. The existing standards such as AMS, CQI9, Nadcap are familiar to us.


Retrofit and upgrade

  • Modernization of existing installation following our new developments.
  • Risk analysis.
  • New safety concept.
  • Upgrade of gas distribution , security and according to your requests.
  • Upgrade of new atmosphere/temperature regulation. (Software and automation).


Repairing of all types of furnaces

With 30 years experience in heat treatment and thanks to our specialist team, we offer our services to all various types of installations.


Metallurgical training and advices

Our metallurgists and IT engineers with vast experience in heat treatment, train & teach your teams following your requests.

  • Metallurgical teaching at Codere or in your company.
  • Using the Codere installation.
  • Software training.
  • Maintenance training.
  • Consulting in loading concept.
  • Consulting in new materials.
  • Consulting in measurements and tests.


Route de Miécourt 12
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T : +41 32 465 10 10
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Route de Miécourt 12
2942 Alle

T : +41 32 465 10 10
F : +41 32 465 10 11